Frank C. Lanzo
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State U. of New York at Oswego
St. John’s University Law
Frank C. Lanzo is a graduate of St. John’s University School of Law and is admitted to practice in New York State and the Eastern and Southern Districts of New York. His areas of practice include general liability defense, as well as labor law litigation. He is also an Administrative Law Judge for the Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor.

Prior to joining our firm, Mr. Lanzo was a partner at another defense firm for more than three years where he focused on special investigation unit matters, including first party property insurance coverage, first party property insurance investigations and litigation, healthcare provider insurance fraud, and no-fault litigation. He also defended third party insurance defense cases. In the three years at that firm, Mr. Lanzo tried four civil cases as defense counsel. All resulted in defense verdicts.

In the five years prior to his partnership, Mr. Lanzo was Special Investigative Counsel and the Director of Training for the MTA Office of the Inspector General. While at the MTA, he investigated various schemes including materials testing lab fraud cases, gambling, loan sharking, construction fraud, and insurance fraud. He conducted audits of capital projects and internal controls relating to capital expenditures; of compliance with DMV and DOT regulations; as well as statutory and policy requirements concerning procurement. Mr. Lanzo was responsible for the training needs for an office of approximately 80 employees.

Mr. Lanzo was an Assistant District Attorney in Nassau County for over 25 years. He rose to the level of Rackets Bureau Chief where he conducted and supervised investigations into various areas including traditional organized crime activity such as gambling and loan sharking, arson for hire, and contract killings. The Rackets Bureau investigations also included insurance fraud, stolen cars and other property, narcotics, boiler rooms, and State labor law violations. While assigned to the Rackets Bureau he mastered the law in all aspects of court-ordered electronic eavesdropping, search warrants, contempt, and perjury and indicted the very first Enterprise Corruption (State RICO) case in the county. Prior to his elevation to Bureau Chief, Mr. Lanzo tried over 75 cases to verdict, and conducted numerous hearings and Grand Jury presentations. One of the cases was prosecuted in the Southern District of New York where Mr. Lanzo received a Special Commendation from the US Department of Justice for his efforts. Mr. Lanzo was also Bureau Chief of the District Court Bureau, where he supervised the largest staff in the District Attorney’s office. He was responsible for the professional development of approximately 45 of the newest trial lawyers in the Office.