Westchester County resident partner Rich Sklarin recently secured a defense verdict following the liability phase of a Nassau County Supreme Court premises liability trial entitled Glantz v. Farmingdale Multiplex Cinema.  The matter arose from plaintiff’s undisputed July, 2015 trip and fall accident while walking towards the exit doors of a large multiplex following a movie.  Plaintiff was transported to the hospital by ambulance from the theater and sustained a badly fractured upper arm which did not heal properly after a year and required surgery to repair the nonunion.  A $250K pretrial settlement demand was made.  The focus of the liability trial centered around the actual cause of plaintiff’s accident and whether it was precipitated by her own actions or an allegedly hazardous condition of the carpeted floor in the theater hallway/spillway.  After just over 3 hours of deliberations, a  Nassau County jury found the floor to have been in a reasonably safe condition and rendered a unanimous defense verdict on liability.