Another Discrimination and Second Circuit win for MSSSV’s Employment Team

MSSSV partner Maurizio Savoiardo won summary judgment in Federal Court and the decision was affirmed by the Second Circuit- in the case of Berrie v, Port Chester U.F.S.D. et. al.. The plaintiff, a gym teacher, sued his employer and supervisors claiming that he was subjected to a hostile work environment based upon his race, and that he was retaliated against for making complaints of racial discrimination.  The allegations of discrimination included alleged rascist  comments in the workplace, an email with photos depicting a minority with racial overtones, an assault, and retaliation consisting of a negative work evaluation. Maurizio convinced the Second Circuit that the employer,  its supervisors and plaintiff’s co-workers did not possess the requisite racial discriminatory intent, that the alleged discriminatory incidents were not sufficiently severe and pervasive, and that plaintiff did not suffer an adverse employment action.

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