Defense Verdict for Partner Maurice Savoiardo

MSSSV started 2017 with a defense verdict in a Federal Court discrimination suit. Plaintiff, a former teacher in the City School District of New Rochelle, asserted claims for national origin discrimination pursuant to Title VII, alleging that she was fired from her positon due to her Chinese national origin. Plaintiff claimed that in a meeting with the District’s Superintendent and Human Resources Director days after she was notified of her termination that the Superintendent told her she should go to work in Chinatown, and that the Human Resources Director reinforced the discriminatory animus by telling her that she would be better off working with her own people. Following a five day trial in the Southern District, the jury returned a verdict in the school’s favor. Maurizio convinced the jury that the statements were not made, and that the plaintiff was terminated for her poor performance as a teacher. Altman v. City School District of New Rochelle 2.3.17.