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MSSSV Wins Summary Judgment in Federal Age Discrimination Employment Case Before the Southern District
IJudge Daniels of the Southern District of New York granted summary judgment to our client Columbus Citizens Foundation, Inc. regarding its termination of an employee ,after the EEOC had found probable cause that his age was a motivating factor in his dismissal. The Court dismissed all claims of age discrimination under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act and the New York State and New York City Human Rights laws. We were able to establish as a matter of law that the employee had been fired for documented misconduct. The Court adopted our argument that a jury could not find age discrimination was even a motivating factor in the termination without speculation on several levels, and that the nondiscriminatory reasons proffered for the termination by the employer were thus not pre-textual. Michael A. Miranda and Robert Hewitt worked on this matter. [More]

MSSSV Wins Article 78 Petition fo Town of Fishkill
In this action, petitioners were seeking an injunction prohibiting the Town of Fishkill from removing officers from the functional title of a Sergeant and replacing them with officers who had been hired from a competitive civil service list. The Court adopted our argument that the Town could not be estopped from enforcing the law which requires that sergeants be hired from a competitive civil service list. We also convinced the Court that a demotion from a functional title position is not a demotion within the meaning of the Civil Service Laws. Michael A. Miranda and Maurizio Savoiardo worked on the case. [More]
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